After a short power failure, Demo appears in the display and my oven will not heat up

Last updated 14/10/2019 12:28


  • After power failure or after the fuse has been taken out, the display shows Demo without setting the demo mode manually. The heating setting, the temperature setting or other settings can be set, but the oven does not heat up.

To deactivate the demo mode:

1. Switch on the device and select Menu with the rotary selector.

2. Press the knob to confirm your selection.

3. Rotate the rotary selector clockwise to Basic Settings (last menu item).

4. Confirm by pressing the knob.

5. Rotate the rotary selector to Service (last menu item). 

Confirm again.

6. Select the first option "Demo Mode on". 

Confirm again.

7. To deactivate the demo mode, enter the number sequence "2 4 6 8".

8. First select 2 and confirm your selection by pressing.

9. Proceed with the following numbers as well. 

  • After the demo mode is switched off, all settings are reset to factory settings.
  • For example, the time of day, brightness of the display, etc. must be reset as described in the usage instructions. 
  • Download user manual.
  • If the problem persists, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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