After a short power failure, Demo appears on the display and my oven will not heat up - AEG

Last updated 16/11/2023 16:49


  • After power failure or after the fuse has been taken out, the display shows Demo without setting the demo mode manually. 
  • The heating setting, the temperature setting or other settings can be set, but the oven does not heat up.

Applies to

  • Built-In Ovens
  • Compact Ovens
  • Double ovens


Please ensure you are following the correct instructions for your oven display

PLEASE NOTE: If your oven is asking for a code with a “B C A” this means the child lock is on. Enter the code “A B C” to unlock. For more info on child lock settings, click here.

Ovens with command wheel

To deactivate the demo mode for command wheel models:

1. Switch on the device and select Menu with the command wheel.

2. Press the command wheel to confirm your selection.

3. Rotate the command wheel to find and select Basic Settings (last menu item).

4. Confirm by pressing the command wheel.

5. Rotate the command wheel to Service (last menu item). 

Confirm again.

6. Select the first option "Demo Mode on". 

Confirm again.

7. To deactivate the demo mode, enter the number sequence "2 4 6 8" using the command wheel to scroll and select.

Ovens with a touchscreen interface

 To deactivate demo mode for touchscreen models

1.    Switch on the appliance and select “basic settings” using   

2.    Select “demo mode”

3.    Select “off” and enter code “2468” using the up and down arrows

1.    Press and hold  for 3 seconds

2.    Screen will say “SET1” with the “1” flashing

3.    Use the      to find “6”, use   to select

4.    Switch mode to “off” and use the arrows and ‘ok’ button to enter code “2468”

5.    To exit the menu, either press  OR press and hold  for 3 seconds

Ovens with retractable dials


To deactivate the demo mode for rotary dial models:

1.    Turn off the oven

2.    Press and hold   for 3 seconds

3.    The word ‘Demo’ and number ‘1’ will flash

4.    Turn the temperature dial and press to select, enter the code ‘2468’

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