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  • How to set up or onboard the appliance?
  • How to connect your oven to the "My AEG Kitchen" App?

Applies to

  • AEG Connected Ovens


Most of the time connecting appliance to your home Wi-Fi via Bluetooth is straight forward. 

Just check you have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, you have your home Wi-Fi password to hand and you have installed your My AEG Kitchen App to your device.  

Have your manual to hand too - its not the most exciting read but if you take the time now to understand the connection process it could save some time and potential troubleshooting later.

Here is the step by step guide, there is a little bit more information here than you will find in your manual.  

On mobile deviceInstall 'My AEG Kitchen' app from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)Start the app and create an account and loginPress the Appliances button at the bottomSelect Add Appliance on the screen

The app will ask you to start the appliance WiFi

Shift to Oven

On Oven

Press settings, then press connections.

Select the WiFi toggle to turn it ON

Your oven is starting its WiFi, and this could take up to 60 sec

When you see the display say 'WiFi is ready, follow instructions provided' shift to the app on mobile device

On mobile devicepress NEXTApp will show the device name BS-XXXX-XX. Select this appliance numberPress continueThe app will confirm you are making a Bluetooth pairing request, press 'Pair'App will display 'Congratulations you are successfully connected via Bluetooth'Now you will connect to your home WiFiSelect your home router WiFi network and  select NEXT

Enter your credentials and select NEXT

It will ask "Would you like to remember this network?" select NEXT

It takes couple of seconds to connect to oven. 

On mobile deviceOnce WiFi has connected the app will confirm and ask you to provide a new name for the oven if you would like to change it.Your oven is now connected to your mobile device, congratulations

Hopefully now you are connected, but if not there are a few things we could try.

Is it definitely a 2.4 GHz and not a 5.0 GHz WiFi connection? Click here to check.

Here is a list of the most common solutions to connection issues Click here

Is your iTunes or Google Play account definitely registered in UK and not for example US as it may be geo restricted. 

How to connect the oven to additional smartphones?  Click here

Once your oven is connected you now have so many options to explore. For some AEG connected inspiration click here

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