How to descale your AEG steam oven

Last updated 21/02/2024 13:22

Pouring descaling fluid into water tank of steam oven Descaling your AEG steam oven regularly will ensure it continues to function properly. Limestone residue tends to build up over time to clog the system, which ultimately affects the oven’s performance. Our steam ovens send out a convenient descaling alert to remind you to descale your oven when needed. When this happens, you will receive a notification to run the Descaling programme that removes the limestone build-up.

Different oven models may contain different cleaning functions to facilitate the cleaning task. Refer to your oven manual to explore which functions you have to make cleaning your oven easier.

What is Descaling, why and when should you do it?

The Descaling function removes and prevents limestone build-up in your oven’s steam system, allowing it to continue to perform optimally.
Descaling needs to be done continuously – the frequency will vary depending on the amount of steam cooking you do. Also, the water hardness in your local area will affect the speed of the limestone building up.

The oven will alert you when it is time to descale. Make sure to descale your oven as soon as possible upon receiving the notice. Otherwise, it will affect the operation of steam functions, making it impossible to cook with steam until the oven has been descaled.

How to use the Descaling function

Before starting the Descaling programme

1. Make sure the oven is cold
2. Remove all accessories
3. Make sure the water drawer is empty
4. Ensure you have a suitable descaling fluid at hand. We recommend using our Steam Care Descaler

Turning on the Descaling programme

First part: around 100 minutes

1. Place the deep pan on the first shelf position
2. Pour 250ml of the descaling liquid in the water drawer
3. Fill the remaining part of the water drawer with water, to the maximum level
4. Select CLEANING in the MENU
5. Select DESCALING and start the programme
6. After the first part is over, empty the deep pan and put it back on the first shelf position

Second part: around 35 minutes

1. Make sure there is no remaining descaling agent inside the water drawer. Then fill the water drawer with water. Insert the water drawer
2. When the function ends, remove the deep pan

After the Descaling programme ends

1. Turn off the oven
2. When the oven is cool, dry the cavity with a soft cloth
3. Empty the remaining water from the water drawer
4. Leave the door open and wait until the cavity is dry

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned about the Descaling function, you may want to learn more about keeping your oven clean. Click here for an overview of cleaning and maintaining your oven.

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