How to use Catalytic Cleaning on your AEG oven

Last updated 24/04/2024 11:22

Selected AEG oven models have catalytic liners making cleaning effortless. This lining keeps residual grease from fastening onto the oven interior and makes maintaining a clean oven a much more straightforward task.

Different oven models may contain different cleaning functions to facilitate the cleaning task. Refer to your oven manual to explore which functions you have to make cleaning your oven easier.

What is Catalytic Cleaning and why should you use it?

Selected oven models have catalytic lining, which makes it easier to clean your oven. These liners absorb grease, which becomes loosened when the oven reaches 250°C. Some ovens with this feature are lined on the sides, roof and back of the oven, while others only have it on the back of the oven. The catalytic lining feels similar to sandpaper, and food can't remain stuck to the surface when it’s heated. This will facilitate keeping your oven clean.

Some of the oven models with catalytic lining have a dedicated programme for Catalytic Cleaning, while others do not. Regardless, you'll easily achieve clean results by following the steps below.

Catalytic lining closeup

How to use the Catalytic Cleaning function

Before starting Catalytic Cleaning

1. Remove all accessories and removable shelf supports
2. The oven surfaces that do not have catalytic lining will need traditional cleaning by using an oven cleaner and wiping with warm water. We recommend using our Oven & Microwave cleaner spray for this purpose

Note: Never put cleaning detergent on the catalytic liners.

Starting the Catalytic Cleaning cycle

Option 1: Your oven has a dedicated Catalytic Cleaning programme

1. Select CLEANING in the MENU and choose CATALYTIC CLEANING
2. Please activate it by pressing the symbol until the “CATA” appears on the display

3. Leave it to self-clean for an hour

Option 2: Your oven does not have a dedicated Catalytic Cleaning programme

1. Set the oven to 250°C

2. Leave it to self-clean for an hour

After the Catalytic Cleaning cycle

1. Turn off the oven

2. When the oven is cool, wipe the bottom of the cavity with a soft cloth

3. Re-insert the shelf supports and accessories in the oven


  • Do not clean the catalytic surface with oven sprays, abrasive cleaning agents, soap or other cleaning agents. This will damage the catalytic surface
  • Please note that spots or discoloration may remain after the cleaning, as these are not affected by the catalytic properties. This will not affect the oven

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about using the Catalytic Cleaning function, you may want to learn more about your oven. Click here for an overview of cleaning and maintaining your oven.

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