How To Use Dough Proving Oven Function

Last updated 20/02/2023 10:00


  • How To Use Dough Proving Oven Function

Applies to

  • AEG Oven With Steam and Command Wheel 
  • AEG Command Wheel Single and Combi ovens
  • AEG Touch control and combi ovens 


The Dough Proving setting on your AEG oven creates the perfect environment to assist bead baking by proving your yeast mixture correctly.

This function will help your dough to rise and reduces standard dough proving time.

Always place dough mix on shelf level 1.

The temperature for this setting is 40°C.

AEG Command Wheel Models

  • The Dough Proving setting can be found under the Special category on your AEG oven whether it be on the Command Wheel, Touch Control or Combi models.

Step 1. Place the dough in a dish.

Step 2. Place the dish on the first shelf position (level 1)

Step 3. Go to the Specials category and select the Dough Proving function.

Step 4. Select the required time.

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