How to use Steamify® on your AEG steam oven

Last updated 14/04/2023 15:24

Using the Steamify function on AEG ovens to steam cook vegetables and healthy meals

Experience the precision and exceptional performance of the Steamify® function on your AEG oven. Steamify® will guide you to steam-cook wholesome and mouth-watering meals at home with ease. You will find this function on selected AEG oven models.

What is Steamify® and why should you use it?

Most people aren’t aware of the multiple benefits steam cooking has to offer. Cooking with steam preserves nutrients, vitamins, colours and flavours. Your meals will contain less fat as you use less oil and juices are effortlessly retained. When you cook with steam, you can look forward to healthier and more succulent meals.

Steamify® is a function that makes steam cooking easier than you can imagine. Thanks to Steamify® there is no need to change the way you cook if you’re used to cooking with hot air, or top-and-bottom heat. You don’t need to figure out how and when to add steam, your oven adds the right amount of steam at the right time for you. Steamify® can replace almost all your usual cooking habits and give you tastier meals with minimal effort.

How to use Steamify®

Simply select the Steamify® function and set the temperature with the slider on the display. This should be the temperature you normally use when cooking with hot air, or as indicated in your recipe. Based on the temperature, the oven automatically sets the steam level for you.

1. Press the Steamify® icon on the display  

2. Set the temperature by clicking on the temperature on the display. Slide it to the right temperature
3. Press START to begin cooking
4. Follow the instructions on the screen to fill the water tank if necessary
5. Press OK

Steamify® will even recommend temperature based on what results you want to achieve. As you move the temperature slider the oven will indicate expected results at different temperatures:

  • 50-100°C – Steam for steaming
  • 105-130°C – Steam for stewing
  • 135-150°C – Steam for gentle crisping
  • 155-230°C – Steam for baking and roasting

Tips and tricks

  • When cooking dishes requiring 135°C and above, set your desired cooking time so you can fully utilise the multi-step cooking process of Steamify®
  • When you use steam for gentle crisping and set the timer, the grill function will automatically turn on for the last minutes to create a gentle crispiness
  • When you use steam for baking and roasting and set the timer, the bottom heat turns on for the last minutes for a crispy bottom

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned about the Steamify® function, click here to learn more on how to cook with steam.

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