How to use the app with your AEG oven

Last updated 30/10/2023 09:34

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The AEG app will help you create tastier meals, more effortlessly, on a daily basis. It will enhance the functions of your AEG smart oven, make monitoring your cooking easier and allow you to expand your cooking repertoire with provided recipes and setting guidance. Learn how to maximise your smart oven’s features for effortless cooking.

How to get started with the AEG app

What you’ll need:  

1. You need to make sure you’ve installed the AEG app on your smartphone and have connected your oven to it. If you haven’t already connected your oven start by doing so 

2. Make sure your oven is connected to Wi-Fi

3. Enable remote operation (allow remote control): Remote operation needs to be enabled for many of the app features to work – any feature where the app controls or changes oven settings. Remote operation is indicated by this . On certain ovens, you can just click this icon to enable remote operations. On others, you enable it in the MENU under SETTINGS > CONNECTIONS or SETTINGS > REMOTE OPERATION

Safety note: for safety reasons, remote operation automatically turns off after a certain amount of time, and you might need to re-enable it before you begin cooking.

Overview of useful features in the AEG app

Please note: This is a general overview of various functions that may or may not be available, depending on which oven model you have. Additional functions may also be available in the app.

Getting started

Remote monitoring – allows you to access the oven in the app when you are cooking to monitor oven settings and see remaining time on set timers.

Camera (CookView) – lets you visually monitor the progress of your cooking remotely by accessing the oven camera. Learn more about CookView .

Remote control – if remote control is enabled, you can start, stop, or change your oven settings directly from the app. Simply select your oven in the app to access the available controls.

This allows you to manage a needed temperature change halfway through your cooking time, or enable the grill function to brown your dish at the end, without needing to go to the kitchen.

Notifications – you can get relevant notifications from your smart oven directly in the app, such as for the oven timer, if an error occurs while you are cooking, or maintenance requirements. Additionally, if you are cooking with steam and the oven runs out of water, you will be notified in the will be notified in the app.

Manage your notification settings in the notifications menu when you have accessed your oven in the app.

My Cookbook – save your own recipes in the app, including cooking programme, time and temperature. These settings can also be sent directly to the oven when you want to cook your recipe. You can find My Cookbook in the taste tab of the app.

Explore more

AssistedCooking – is there a dish you want to cook, but don’t know which oven settings to use on your oven? The AssistedCooking function will provide you with the perfect settings and step-by-step directions for what you want to cook, so you can achieve the results you desire. You can find AssistedCooking in the Taste section of the app. Learn More about AssistedCooking.

Voice control – now your smart oven is getting really intelligent. You can enable voice control to manage your oven using only your voice, keeping your hands free for other tasks. Look under the partnership tab to explore which systems we support and to get started. 

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

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