How to use the Steam Cleaning function on your AEG steam oven

Last updated 19/09/2023 07:29

Steam-cleaning in action in oven

The Steam Cleaning self-cleaning function on your AEG steam oven effectively cleans your oven for you. Effortlessly keep your oven clean by regularly running the Steam Cleaning programme. 

Different oven models may contain different cleaning functions to facilitate the cleaning task. Refer to your oven manual to explore which functions you have to make cleaning your oven easier.

What is Steam Cleaning and why should you use it?

Steam Cleaning is a self-cleaning function that comes with all our steam ovens. The steam softens the grease or residue, making it easier to clean your oven. There are two different steam cleaning programmes, depending on your needs – light cleaning or heavier cleaning. 

Steam cleaning regularly is an excellent way to maintain the inside of your oven, as it helps lift food splatters from the oven surface. Additionally, steam cleaning is gentle on the environment since it uses decidedly less energy than other cleaning programs. This is because the steam cleaning cycle doesn’t need to run on extremely high heat for long durations. 

All AEG ovens with Steam Cleaning have built-in reminders to let you know when cleaning is necessary for continued optimal performance. The reminders can be enabled and disabled in the settings menu.

How to use the Steam Cleaning function

Before starting the cleaning programme

1. Make sure the oven is cold

2. Remove all accessories and removable shelf supports

Turning on the Steam Cleaning programme

1. Fill the water tank to the maximum level

2. Select CLEANING in the MENU


  • Steam Cleaning: 30 min light cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning Plus: 75 min normal cleaning – spray the cavity with a detergent before starting. We recommend using Oven & Microwave cleaner spray 

4. Follow the instructions on the display to start the programme. If the oven starts beeping while the programme is running, you will need to top up the water tank again

5. The signal sounds when the cleaning cycle is complete

After Steam Cleaning programme ends

1. Turn off the oven

2. When the oven is cool, dry the cavity with a soft cloth and replace the shelf supports and accessories

3. Empty the remaining water from the water drawer

4. Leave the oven door open and wait until the cavity is dry


  • Allow the oven to cool down completely before starting the programme. If the oven is hot, the steam won’t work as quickly
  • The lamp is off while this function operates

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about the Steam Cleaning function, you may want to learn more about keeping your oven clean. Click here for an overview of cleaning and maintaining your oven.

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