How to use the Steam Regenerating setting on your AEG steam oven

Last updated 28/08/2023 14:25

Food in oven

Steam will reheat your leftovers without drying them out, so yesterday’s meal will taste as well as when it was first prepared. Easily maintain a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle with your AEG steam oven, by cutting down on food waste. Our steam ovens feature the Steam Regenerating setting, a programme designed especially for this purpose.

What is the Steam Regenerating setting and why should you use it?

The Steam Regenerating setting is a steam cooking function optimised for reheating leftovers. The steam prevents the surface from drying out, while heat is distributed gently and evenly to make food look, taste and smell like it’s newly prepared.
The Steam Regenerating function can be used to reheat food directly on a plate. You can reheat more than one plate at the same time, using different shelf positions.

How to heat leftovers with the Steam Regenerating setting

2. Place your food in the oven (recommendation: Shelf position 2)
3. Base time duration on the food you are cooking. Different foods take different amounts of time to be thoroughly reheated and ready to eat. For example, poultry and meats will take longer to reheat than vegetables

Tips and tricks

  • Use the proper reheating time based on the food you are cooking so you can always enjoy leftovers safely and make sure that they taste great
  • You can reheat an entire meal with steam, but it works best when food is cut into smaller servings. For example, instead of putting a whole chicken in the oven – slices will work better
  • Steam works particularly well for dishes such as quiche and lasagna. The added moisture avoids turning these foods dry or rubbery, which is commonly the result of alternative reheating method

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about reheating leftovers with steam, you may want to learn more about cooking with steam.

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