Oven Clock or display goes dark, dims or switches off

Last updated 24/08/2023 11:34


Issue of clock/screen going blank or dimming after a few seconds

Applies to

  • Oven Display 
  • Cooker clocks


Some models have a standby mode and the screen will dim after a period of inactivity. To see if this applies to your model, please refer to your user manual which you can download by registering or visiting our User Manuals page. See links attached. 

The issues could be caused by a poor connection or fault with the power supply within the appliance, this is not a common fault.  

  1. Switch the appliance off at the mains and switch back on after 30 minutes.  
  2. There is a technical fault if switching the appliance off does not clear a fault.  

Please contact a member of our team.  

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