Oven makes noise when I use the true Fan cooking function

Last updated 30/05/2023 06:49


  • My oven is noisy
  • The oven has started making noise on the True Fan Cooking function (or any other function with the fan running)
  • The oven fan makes loud noises
  • Humming, rattling noise during oven operation

Applies to

  • Ovens
  • Cookers


The cause of excessive noise during oven operation is dirty or a defective fan.

1. Clean the oven cavity, including the rear wall with the fan as instructed in the user manual, use special cleaning functions if available.

if you are not sure whether your oven is equipped with special cleaning functions, check if the:

  • Oven with glossy smooth enamel, silicon door gasket - manual cleaning only
  • Oven with catalytic enamel (rough sides), silicon door gasket - catalytic cleaning function
  • Oven with steam functions, silicon door gasket - steam cleaning function
  • Oven with fabric gasket - pyrolytic cleaning function

We recommend cleaning detergents available on our Webshop

See our helpful video guides for oven cleaning

How to clean your oven manually

How to clean your oven with pyrolytic function

How to clean your catalytic oven

How to use steam cleaning with your oven

2. Restart the oven after cleaning and see if the problem is solved

If the above advice does not resolve the issue, we recommend requesting a visit by an authorised service technician. Please click on "book a service" to do this.

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