Re-establishing your voice control experience for your oven using Google Assistant

Last updated 10/11/2020 11:46


  • How to re-establish your oven connection with Google Assistant after the update

Applies to

  • AEG connected ovens


After receiving the following notification:

AEG voice experience is now available again, please relink your oven through Google Home App to re-establish your connection

To re-establish the linking to your oven:

  1. Start the Google Home App 
  2. Tap on Plus symbol "+" on the home screen 
  3. Tap on Set up device  
  4. Tap on "Have something already set up?"
  5. Search and Choose AEG Kitchen
  6. Login to your AEG account to link your oven 
  7. Add the oven to your chosen room in your Google Home App

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