Sous Vide Program temperature can only be selected in 5°C steps

Last updated 20/07/2022 06:47


  • The steam program Sous Vide cannot be selected in 1°C steps
  • The temperature selection is only possible in 5°C steps

Applies to

  • Steam ovens with Sous Vide function


  • Update the software - the oven needs to be connected to the WiFi and smartphone app according to the user manual
  • You can find information on this in the user manual chapter “Wireless connection
  • After successfully connecting the appliance, the update will be installed automatically and without further notifications during the next 48h while the appliance is in standby mode
  • If you do not wish to have connectivity functions on your appliance (smartphone app), you can delete the app and the WiFi connection of the oven after the update is installed


  • The oven does not have the latest software
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