The oven with rotary knob does not start

Last updated 07/01/2022 10:13


  • The oven does not start, even though the action on the screen, for example "Refill Water", has been completed
  • The oven is not heating

Applies to:

  • ovens equipped with display and following rotary knob


1. All prompts shown on the display, such as "Refill Water", must be confirmed by pressing the rotary knob.

  • Hold the rotary knob to turn on the setting screen.
  • Hold and turn the rotary knob to navigate through the menu.
  • Hold and press the rotary knob to confirm a setting or enter the selected submenu.
  • To return to the previous menu find the option "Back" in the menu list (this will be at the top of your current list) or confirm a selected setting.

2. Ensure that Childlock is not enabled

  • The screen will show "BCA", enter "ABC" to unlock
  • For more help with Childlock, click here.

3. Ensure that Demo Mode is not enabled

  • The screen will say 'demo' in one corner and oven will not heat up.
  • For help on switching demo mode off, please click here.

If these prompts have not resolved the issue, you may need to contact an Authorised Service Engineer. You can do that with the link on the right side of this page.

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