What Can I Cook On Low Humidity Pro? (SteamCrisp or QuarterSteam on some models)

Last updated 01/02/2021 09:12


Applies to SteamCrisp - used to be called Quarter Steam in the previous range

Applies to

AEG Command Wheel Steam Oven


Pretty much everything you can cook in an oven is better with a bit of added steam.  Weather its is roast chicken with a crispy skin, crunchy roast potatoes, crackling on your pork, better crusts on you bread or a better rise on your Yorkshire puddings, just add a little steam.  

On some ovens within the range we call this setting SteamCrisp or QuarterSteam - the principle is the same,  however the user interface will differ.

Steam or vapour is a brilliant conductor of heat compared to dry air, hence the better browning, crisping and cooking results.