What Can I Cook On Low Humidity Pro? (SteamCrisp or QuarterSteam on some models)

Last updated 18/02/2022 13:54


Applies to SteamCrisp - used to be called Quarter Steam in the previous range

Applies to

AEG Command Wheel Steam Oven

AEG Touchscreen SteamCrisp Oven 


Pretty much everything you can cook in an oven is better with a bit of added steam.  Weather its is roast chicken with a crispy skin, crunchy roast potatoes, crackling on your pork, better crusts on you bread or a better rise on your Yorkshire puddings, just add a little steam.  

On some ovens within the range we call this setting SteamCrisp or QuarterSteam - the principle is the same,  however the user interface will differ.

Steam or vapour is a brilliant conductor of heat compared to dry air, hence the better browning, crisping and cooking results.

- Using the Command wheel, select your oven function icon to enter the functions menu

- Turn the dial to find and find 'Steam', click to select and enter the steam menu

- Turn the dial to find 'Humidity Low' and click to select