What Is Full Steam Function / Setting?

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What Is Full Steam Function / Setting?

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Command Wheel steam oven


Steam Cooking is easier than you think and introduces a whole new world of taste. The steam penetrates food quicker than dry air meaning food is cooked quicker. Steam is a healthier way of cooking as it locks in all the vitamins, nutrients and flavours of food giving tender and tasty results. In addition to its taste, it also perfects the texture and colour of each dish.


Types of food that can be cooked on the Full Steam Programme


  • Fish
  • Vegetables 
  • Rice
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Seafood
  • Terrines
  • Spoon Desserts 


The benefits of Steam Cooking Fish 

Fish pot, stew or just a piece of salmon… Preparing perfectly fried fish is not difficult at all. But for those who want to add just that little bit more flavour to a fish dish and want to prevent fish from falling apart and drying out, steam is an essential ingredient. With steam, you can control the baking and cooking process very precisely and achieve a tasty result in n time.

A high humidity level ensures a super soft texture and prevents fish like salmon, from losing its colour ensuring it looks so much better and it tastes delicious.


The benefits of steam cooking vegetables 

Fresh Vegetables are an essential part of our daily menu. They are therefore packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And they are simply delicious. But how do you easily prepare vegetables while preserving the taste, texture, colour and nutrient value? The Full Steam programme on your oven is a good start.

Prepare Vegetables

Often dry heat cooking or boiling vegetables can create a plateful of rather dull looking food that can be often over cooked. Steam cooking not only provides unsurpassed flavour and retains its texture, but it also allows you to preserve its vital nutrients. When boiling vegetables in water, many vitamins seep out into the water and then is often thrown away. Steam cooking ensures the vitamins, minerals and nutrients stay inside your food meaning your food not only looks better but also tastes so much better.



How to use the Full Steam function on Command Wheel Ovens 


Step 1. Turn on the oven.

Step 2. Select Steam Press the Command Wheel to set the steam function.

Step 3. Select the Temperature (The Full Steam setting has a temperature raging from 50 -100 .)

Step 4. Set the temperature and press in the Command Wheel to confirm.

Step 5. Press the cover of the water drawer to open.

Fill the water drawer with cold water to the maximum level (around 900ml) If you run out of water during cooking the oven will signal to alert you. Simply press the water drawer and add the water.

Important-Use only cold tap water. Do not use filtered (demineralized) or distilled water and do not use other liquids.

Step 6. Press START. Steam appears after approximately 2 minutes. When the oven reaches the selected temperature the oven signals to alert you.

Step 7. When the programme is ended empty the water drawer.

Step 8. Switch off the oven.

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