What Is Moist Fan Baking Function / Setting?

Last updated 12/03/2021 10:54


What Is Moist Fan Baking Function / Setting?

Applies to

AEG Ovens


What is Moist Fan Baking?

This function is designed to save energy during cooking. It works by closing the vent off so that all the moisture is sealed within the oven. The oven door should be closed during cooking so that the function is not interrupted and to ensure that the oven operates with the highest energy efficiency possible. When you use this function, the temperature in the cavity may differ from the set temperature. The residual heat is used. The heating power may be reduced. See table below for a guide.


  • When you use this function the lamp automatically turns off after 30 second
  • This isn't a steam function so dont need to add water.
  • Great for 1 shelf cooking
  • Use the third shelf position 

For the best results follow suggestions listed in the table below.