What Is Moist Fan Baking Function / Setting?

Last updated 11/03/2022 10:56


What Is Moist Fan Baking Function / Setting?

Applies to

AEG Ovens


The Moist Fan Baking Function symbol on all AEG ovens will look like this


  • This is an energy efficient cooking function which retains moisture in the oven, so is particularly great for achieving light and fluffy results when baking. Ideal for baked soufflés.
  • Please keep the oven door closed when using this function. 
  • The temperature shown on the display may differ slightly from the temperature in the oven cavity. 
  • This function is great for one shelf cooking and for dishes such as lasagne and potato and pasta bakes.
  • The oven light will turn off to save energy when this function is in use.



  • When you use this function, the lamp automatically turns off after 30 second.
  • This is NOT a steam function so there is no need to add water.
  • This function is great for 1 shelf cooking.
  • Use shelf level 3 when cooking on this function. 
  • Because of the Surround Cook technology on AEG ovens, there is no need to pre heat the oven if you are cooking for 20 minutes or more when using this function.
  • It is possible to place two dishes/sponge cakes on the one shelf position at the same time.



For the best results follow suggestions listed in the table below. 


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