What Is The Slow Cooking Setting? (Quick Video)

Last updated 21/04/2022 08:31


How do I use the slow cooking setting on my oven?

Applies to

AEG Ovens


The Slow Cooking setting is a great function for giving tender and succulent  cooking results and it allows you to slow cook a larger meal than a counter top slow cooker does, freeing up a lot of storage space in your kitchen.

The temperature range on the Slow Cooking setting ranges between 80°C - 150°C. After 10 minutes the oven automatically lowers to 80°C.



  • If you are using the Food Sensor on the Slowing Cooking setting the maximum internal temperature you should set is 65°C.
  • Always cook without a lid when using the Slow Cooking function.


How to select the Slow Cooking setting on Command Wheel Ovens


Step 1. Switch the oven and select Specials.

Step 2. Press the wheel to select Slow Cooking.

Step 3. Set the temperature.




How to select Slow Cooking on Touch Control models


Step 1. Switch the oven on and select Menu - press OK

Step 2. Select Specials in the drop-down menu by pressing arrows up and down - press OK

Step 3. Select Slow Cooking - press OK

Step 4. Set the temperature - press OK

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