What is True Fan Cooking / Surround Cook?

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  • What Is True Fan Cooking? 
  • What Is Surround Cook? 
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Applies to

  • Built-In Ovens and Free Standing Cookers


The fan technology on AEG ovens is referred to as SurroundCook or True Fan Cooking.

The SurroundCook function symbol will look like this  

  • This advanced fan technology function is used for cooking everyday meals. With SurroundCook you can reduce the cooking time by 10 minutes for each hour that you’re cooking, reduce the temperature by 20°C and cook on multiple shelf positions while still achieving even cooking and baking results.
  • With SurroundCook you can cook a variety of foods at the same time without having to worry about flavours transferring from one to another. For example, a roast dinner and an apple pie, this gives great results and cooking flexibility.




Hints and Tips

  • If you are cooking for more than 20 minutes on SurroundCook/True Fan Cooking, there is no need to pre heat the oven.
  • This function allows you to cook sweet and savoury at the same time.
  • SurroundCook/True Fan Cooking allows you to cook on all 5 shelf positions at the same time.

True Fan Cooking Plus is also referred to as SteamBake.

 The True Fan Cooking Plus/ SteamBake function symbol will look like this


  • True Fan Cooking Plus/ Steam Bake is perfect for achieving great bakes, whether you’re baking breads or making Yorkshire puddings or delicious cakes. Bread will be fluffy on the inside and have a crispy and golden crust on the outside while cakes will be moist and tasty. By adding the right amount of steam at the beginning of the baking process, the colour is made more golden and the crust crispier.

A picture containing bread

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How to use True Fan Cooking Plus/ Steam Bake 

Step 1. Pour 250ml of water into the reservoir in the bottom of the oven cavity.

Step 2. Turn the control dial and select  or if your oven has a button on the right-hand side of the control panel then press this.

Step 3. Set the required temperature and leave for 10 minutes before putting the food in the oven.

Step 4. Wipe away any residual moisture after the oven has cooled



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