Why does my oven keep asking to confirm remote connection?

Last updated 22/10/2021 10:01


Every time I open the oven door whilst it is functioning, the oven asks if i want to "reactivate remote operation".

Applies to

Connected Ovens


To use the oven remotely, the user has to "activate remote operation" on the display by selecting; 

  • Settings
  • Connections
  • Remote operation (ON) this symbol will show on the main screen to indicate it is selected

Once the oven is in operation and a function is selected (remotely or manually), if the oven door is opened the oven defaults back to manual operation. Therefore asking if you want to "reactivate remote operation". 

This is a safety feature to ensure that once the oven door has been opened it cannot be overridden remotely, if a user is cooking at home. 


  • User 1 is cooking a pizza at home on 180 degrees pizza function
  • User 2 would like to preset the oven to 80 degrees slow cooking function for their casserole when they get home
  • If they override the temperature user 1's pizza will not cook at the optimum temperature

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