Food freezes in the LongFresh drawer

Last updated 20/10/2022 11:08


  • LongFresh compartment is iced
  • Ice formation in the LongFresh compartment
  • Food freezes in the 0° zone
  • It's too cold in the 0° zone

Applies to

  • Fridges with LongFresh - 0° zone


The storage temperature and the relative humidity in LongFresh compartment provide optimal conditions for the storage of various kinds of fresh food (like fish, meat, seafood, etc.) as it preserves its high nutritional values, as well as high humidity level much longer than a regular refrigerator.

1. Refer to the user manual on how to set the temperature in LongFresh compartment and change it to a higher level if necessary.

Press Mode until the display shows the icon LongFresh / 0 zone (position C in the picture below).

  • Press Mode until the corresponding icon appears.
  • The display shows 3. This is the default setting, that ensures the most effective performance.
  • The possible settings can vary from 1 (the coldest) to 5 (the warmest).
  • Settings from 1 to 3 are suitable for fish and meat.
  • Settings 4 and 5 are suitable for vegetables and fruit. In these settings, the compartment works similarly to the fridge compartment.
  • Press the temperature buttons on the control panel to select the required setting.
  • Press OK to confirm the setting.

2. Adjust the humidity control according to the food stored.

The LongFresh compartment has stops that prevent the drawers from falling out when fully extended. To remove the drawer:

1. Pull the drawer to the maximum. 

2. Lift and pull out the drawer.

The drawers are marked with water drop symbols   and  can be used according to the desired storage conditions independently of each other with lower or higher humidity.

Regulation for each drawer is separate and is controlled using the slide valve at the front of the drawer.

"Dry": low relative humidity 

This humidity level is reached when both sliders are set into this position and the ventilation openings are wide open.

"Humid": high relative humidity

This humidity level is reached when both sliders are set in this position and the ventilation openings are closed. Humidity is kept and can not escape.

If the above did not solve the problem, we recommend that you book a visit from one of our specially trained service technicians.

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