French door fridge-freezer displays HI (refrigerator compartment)

Last updated 17/11/2020 11:13


  • The message HI (high-temperature alarm) is visible on the refrigerator compartment display
  • The appliance emits an alarm sound every 10 seconds

Applies to

  • connected French door Fridge-freezer


1. Check if a Door Open alert is active or has it been active recently. Avoid leaving the door open for a long time

2. Has a power failure occurred for a long time? Please note if this unit connected to the internet only recently

3. Have you recently loaded a lot of food in the compartment?

4. Press any key on the UI and the display shows the highest temperature reached for 10 seconds, then the set temperature.

5. Contact  Electrolux service if the high-temperature condition has not improved after 60 minutes


  • Door left open for too long
  • Power fail for too long
  • Too much food loaded at the same time