How to install correctly my refrigerator / freezer / fridge freezer?

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  • How to install correctly my refrigerator / freezer / fridge freezer?
  • Fridge installation

Applies to

  • Fridge freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers


1. Follow the installation instruction supplied with the appliance. Alternatively these can be found below by following the find your user manual link. 

We have help videos for installation of our built in appliances:

Sliding Door Fridge-Freezer

Sliding Door Fridge

Built-Under Fridge

With free-standing appliances ensure that the ventilation guidelines are followed as detailed in the user manual. Head to this page for more generic information. 

2. Wait at least 4 hours before connecting the appliance to the power supply. 

This is to allow the oil to flow back into the compressor.

3. Make sure to install the appliance in an area with the correct ambient temperature. 

Watch for; direct sunlight, radiators, freestanding cookers, using the appliance in a garage or outhouse.

4. Make sure the appliance is level. 

Using a spirit level and the adjustable feet ensure the appliance is level both horizontal and vertical. 

5. Remove the door spacer from the gasket.

Leaving the door spacer causes the door to be closed incorrectly.

6. Start the appliance (in middle setting) empty for 8 hours before the first loading.

This will help it get to temperature before food is added. 

7. Load and enjoy using your new appliance. 

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