My AEG fridge-freezer’s door is difficult to open (video)

Last updated 12/06/2022 06:44


  • The door is difficult to open in my fridge
  • The door must be pulled hard before it opens
  • How to change the hinges in built-in fridge or freezer?

Applies to

  • Fridge freezer
  • Upright freezer
  • Refrigerator


If the door is closed quickly or slammed shut, air will be forced out and it may take several minutes for the vacuum to be released, after which the door can be opened normally.  Likewise if you try and open the door soon after you have just closed it/quick succession, the vacuum will make it difficult for a few moments.  Once the pressure has equalised you will find the door easier to open.

1. Press your finger into the inside of a corner of the door seal to release some suction and make it easier to open the door soon after closing it.   

2. Wait approx. one minute before opening the door again if it has just been closed.   

3. Avoid slamming the door shut.

4. Check the seal of the appliance and make sure it is clean. 

5. Check the drain hole at the back of the fridge cavity and clean it. 

Empty the compressor tray and then flow a small amount of water to in it and check the compressor tray again. The water should appear in the tray.

6. Check the tray of the compressor if it is filled with water and the end of the tube is under the water, empty the tray. 

It should be open and the end should be upper than the level of the water.

7. Ensure that the appliance stands level.

Adjust the feet on the bottom and front and check the level with a spirit level (the front needs to be in a higher level a little bit). 

8. Check whether the hinges are damaged and replace any defective hinge parts.

  • If you wish to replace parts yourself, you can find spare parts, accessories and care products in our Webshop.
  • For build-in appliances refer to the instructional video below:
    • Remove the door shelves
    • Loosen the upper and lower hinge with a screwdriver
    • Remove the door
    • Unscrew the old hinges
    • Screw the new hinges in place
    • Check the functionality of the new hinges on the door
    • Slide hinges over the screws on the fridge
    • Screw the hinges back onto the fridge

9.  Check there is nothing sticky around the seal of the fridge door that may require cleaning.

10. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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  • The air inside a fridge or freezer “shrinks” as it gets colder. This can sometimes create suction, which makes open the door difficult. If the door is closed quickly or slammed shut, air will be forced out and it may take several minutes for the vacuum to be released, after which the door can be opened normally. Suction inside a fridge or freezer after closing the door is normal and not a product fault.
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