The door of my fridge/freezer is not closing properly

Last updated 10/12/2021 11:33


  • The door of my fridge/freezer is not closing well

Applies to

  • freestanding fridge-freezer
  • freestanding freezer
  • freestanding refrigerator


  • Check the condition of the gasket (door seal) around the door inside, if it is dirty, or has any food particles on it or frost will need cleaning. Check the gasket (door seal) has not twisted or turned inwards. In this case, try to bend it back to its original position to fit the door well
  • Check the storage bins, drawers, shelves are in place and pushed back properly.
  • Check the appliance is levelled (front to back and side to side), it is recommended to install the appliance so that it tilts slightly backwards for better closing. 
  • Check the door compartments, whether they are in place, e.g. the cover of top compartment is closed properly
  • Check the storage bins, food and drinks placed in the refrigerator, as e.g. long bottles or big trays can prevent the door from closing
  • In the case of static freezers or fridge freezers, the freezer door may not close properly due to frost build up in the freezing area. In this case, defrost the appliance regularly in order to avoid ice formation. 

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