What is the optimal temperature in the refrigerator / freezer?

Last updated 28/01/2022 09:03


  • What is the optimal temperature in the refrigerator / freezer?

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  • Refrigerators
  • Fridge freezers
  • Freezers


You should keep your fridge temperature set at or below 4°C and your freezer set at -19°C (or -18°C, depending on your model). It can make your food last longer and help reduce waste, which is more sustainable. You can check the temperature of your fridge by placing a thermometer in a glass of water that has been in the fridge for a few hours.

Increase slightly the set temperature in the summer season.

The optimal ambient temperature of the appliances should be 20-25°C.

The highest number on a rotary dial will be the coldest temperature in the fridge, 0 will turn off the fridge and 1 will be the coldest.

Please see below a short video on setting your fridge temperature on LED, rotary dial and Touch display fridges, you can find more specific information in your manual, which can be found in the link on the right side of this page

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