Why is my fridge frosting up?

Last updated 02/11/2021 12:36


  • Why is my fridge frosting up?
  • The fridge back wall is wet
  • The fridge rear wall is frosty

Applies to

  • Freestanding Fridge / Fridge Freezer
  • Built-in Fridge  / Fridge Freezer


The wet wall is part of normal functioning. The degree of air humidity and the amount and temperature of fresh food can influence the degree of condensation inside the fridge. During the cooling process, the humidity/moisture starts to condense on the back wall as this is one of the coldest places in the fridge. These droplets can be frozen, and ice can build up on the back wall.

If you are still experiencing an issue:

  • Check your thermostat has not been set too high, reduce the temperature within the fridge it may have been set too high by accident which can lead to frost build-up.
  • Is the door being open for too long or opened too often. Ice can be formed because moist air is drawn into the appliance.
  • Is the door closed properly after use? Check the condition of the gasket on the door. If you find it is damaged, deformed or broken, call for a service visit.
  • Is anything stuck in the door or prevent it from closing properly.
  • Hot food or too much fresh food being placed in the fridge before cooling. Try to avoid placing warm or hot food straight into the fridge as this can change the inside temperature and lead to ice within the fridge. 

If you still experience issues you can call our helpline for assistance or a possible engineer visit.

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