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Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to the AEG experience. To get the most out of your appliance, simply connect to My AEG Kitchen App. Doing so allows you to optimise the performance of your refrigerator and only takes a few minutes when you follow the simple steps below.


Download My AEG Kitchen App. Create account and log in.


Turn on the refrigerator.


Press and hold on mode for 3 seconds to activate the wireless connection.


Start my AEG Kitchen App and click on + to add an appliance and choose Fridge Freeze.


If the App does not find the appliance at first attempt, please unplug and replug the appliance and restart from Step #1.


Follow the instructions in the App.

Follow the video instructions below if you are using IOS:

Follow the video instructions below if you are using Android:

Register your appliance & Create an account
Register your appliance & Create an account

Registering your appliance ensures that if you need to contact us we already have your appliance details and also ensures we can contact you in the unlikely event of a safety notice.

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AEG Smart Home

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Review your product

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