What temperatures do the thermostat settings correspond to?

Last updated 03/12/2021 07:01


  • Which temperature corresponds to which level on the thermostat setting?
  • What temperature is hidden behind the various settings on the rotary selector?

Applies to

  • Refrigerators with scaling on the rotary selector


1. It is not possible to assign a specific temperature in the refrigerator compartment to a number on the rotary selector, as the temperature in the refrigerator compartment depends on various factors, such as the ambient temperature.

The level on the rotary selector does not show the temperature in °C!

Level 1 means the warmest level
Level 6 means the coldest level

2. When starting up for the first time, select a medium level and correct this setting if necessary.
Further information can be found in the operating instructions.

3. To check the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, you can put a thermometer in a glass of water and place it on the middle glass shelf.

  • Read the temperature after a few hours. It should be between + 2°C and + 8°C.
  • The ideal storage temperature is around 5°C

4. If the food and drinks are too cold for you, set a lower number on the thermostat.

If the food and drinks are too warm, choose a higher number.

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