Dishwasher does not / will not start but the power is on

Last updated 15/06/2021 15:43


  • Dishwasher does not / will not start but the power is on

Applies to

  • integrated dishwasher
  • freestanding dishwasher


1. Make sure the door is fully closed.

Open and close the door again. If there is a click, this indicates that the door was closed properly.

2. Make sure the delay start function is disabled.

Press and hold 'Reset' for about  5 seconds.

3. Check if the previous cycle is still in progress. 

If a cycle is still in progress it needs to be cancelled before programming the next cycle. 

To cancel the cycle, Press the programme button for 3 seconds. You will hear the pump activate and the appliance will restart.  

If you have lost or need to access your user manual please click here... user manual

Warning: We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely fixed. 

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