Dishwasher is leaking

Last updated 26/03/2021 14:08


  • Small leak from the appliance door
  • Leaks under the dishwasher during use
  • Water comes out of the door at the bottom or front
  • Water below the dishwasher

Applies to

  • Freestanding dishwasher
  • Built-in dishwasher


The Dishwasher could be leaking due to the below:


The Dishwasher is not levelled correctly 

  • Check the appliance is levelled correctly with a spirit level
  • Loosen or tighten the adjustable feet (if applicable)
  • The appliance door is not centred on the tub. Adjust the rear foot (if applicable)


There is a kink, block or disconnection in the pipes

  • Pull the machine out to check all pipes behind the machine are free from kinks or blockages
  • Follow each pipe from dishwasher to tap to ensure there are no disconnections visible and that all seals are dry


There may be a split in the pipe or water seal

  • Pull the machine out to check all pipes behind the machine
  • Follow each pipe to ensure there are no kinks or disconnections visible
  • Check the water seal thoroughly to check for breaks or erosion

For more information on levelling your machine please download your user manual CLICK HERE

If the problem occurs persists, please contact an Authorised Service Centre 03445 610643

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