How to add salt to your AEG dishwasher

Last updated 19/02/2024 10:01

A person adding salt to an AEG dishwasher

Your AEG dishwasher uses salt to soften the water and ensure optimal cleaning results. Follow the steps below to add salt to your dishwasher. 

1. Turn the cap of the salt container anti-clockwise and remove it. 

2. If you’re adding salt for the first time: Pour 1 litre of water into the salt container. 

3. Fill the salt container with dishwasher salt using the funnel. 

4. Shake the funnel carefully by its handle to get the last granules inside. 

5. Remove the salt around the opening of the salt container. 

6. Turn the cap clockwise to close the salt container.

7. Start the shortest programme and let it run without putting dishes in the baskets. This is to prevent corrosion.

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  • Only use coarse salt designed for dishwashers. Fine salt increases the risk of corrosion.
  • Use salt even if your dishwashing tablets contain salt, especially if you live in an area with hard water. 
  • If your dishwasher has a ComfortLift® basket, make sure it’s empty and locked in the raised position before adding salt.  

For more information about your specific dishwasher model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here. 

Now that you’ve learned how to fill up salt in your dishwasher, you may want to know more about how to fill up rinse aid.

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