How to disable the AirDry function in a dishwasher with a QuickSelect panel (level 2)

Last updated 31/03/2023 12:08


  • I cannot turn off AirDry function
  • How to disable AirDry function in dishwasher?
  • How to disable the automatic door opening in the dishwasher?

Applies to

Dishwashers with QuickSelect Level 2 panel


To disable the AirDry function in a dishwasher with a QuickSelect panel (level 2), follow the steps below:

1. First, enter the BASIC SETTINGS mode by pressing the Quick and ECO buttons for about 3 seconds.

2. Three LEDs will light up on the MY TIME bar

A - Previous button

B - OK button

C - Next button

The 6 LEDs on the ECOMETER will light up

3. Press the Next button until the 4th LED on the ECOMETER starts flashing.

4. Click OK , only the 4th LED will light up, the display will show ON the function is enabled, or OFF the function is disabled.

5. Select the appropriate setting by selecting the Next or Previous button, then confirm with OK.

6. Press and hold simultaneously Quick and Eco for about 3 seconds to exit setting mode. The appliance return to the programme selection.

The saved settings remain valid until you change them again.

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