Symbols & programmes on your AEG dishwasher

Last updated 19/02/2024 10:01

AEG dishwasher with various symbols and programmes

Your AEG dishwasher is equipped with useful indicators, programmes and options.

Different AEG dishwashers may have varying indicators, programmes and options. Check the user manual for details on your dishwasher model.  


Salt indicator 

The salt container needs refilling. It is always off while a programme operates. 

Learn how to add salt to your dishwasher.

Rinse aid indicator 

The rinse aid dispenser needs refilling. It remains off while a programme is running.

Learn how to add rinse aid to your dishwasher.

Cleaning phase indicator 

The cleaning phase is running.

Rinsing phase indicator 

The rinsing phase is running.

Drying phase indicator 

The programme includes a drying phase. It flashes when the drying phase is running. 


Depending on your model, you either have a selection of programmes to choose from, or you use the QuickSelect touch control panel to select programme duration.  


Quick rinse to clean food residue and prevent odours if you’re not immediately starting a programme. Do not use detergent.


Eco-friendly programme with efficient use of water and energy consumption. Works for dishes, cutlery and cookware with normal and slightly dry residue. The cycle will take longer than standard programmes.

AUTO / AutoSense 

Automatic, tailored settings with sensors that determine how dirty the dishes are and the amount of dishes in the baskets. Works for dishes, cutlery and cookware with normal and slightly dry residue.


Silent programme for dishes and cutlery with a normal amount of residue. The wash pump works at a low speed, reducing the noise level and prolonging the programme duration. 

30 minutes  

Short programme for slightly dirty dishes and cutlery. Dishes will not be dried.

60 minutes  

Programme for slightly dirty dishes and cutlery you've just used. Also works for lightly dried-on residue.

90 minutes  

Optimal for dishes and cookware with an average amount of fresh and dry residue.

160 minutes  

Longer programme optimal for dishes, cutlery and cookware with a normal to heavy amount of residue, or with dried-on residue.


Choose among optional add-ons after you’ve selected programme or set programme duration. Depending on your model, you may have one or several options to choose from. Some options affect water and energy consumption as well as programme length.  


Protects a delicate load from damage by keeping the temperature at 45°C. Recommended for wine glasses, china and other delicate items.


Increases pressure and temperature of the water within the SprayZone area in the lower basket. Good for items with stubborn food residue, such as cookware. 


Increases the wash temperature and duration for improved cleaning results.


Provides better cleaning results by keeping the temperature between 65°C and 70°C for at least 10 minutes during the final rinsing phase.


Uses less water pressure for a sensitive and silent cleaning cycle.

*Cannot be combined with other options 

Delay start

Delay start 

Delays the start of the selected dishwashing cycle.

How to use it

1. Set a programme

2. Press Delay repeatedly until the display shows the desired delay time (from 1 to 24 hours)

3. Press Start to begin the countdown. The indicator is on during the countdown  


Machine Care  
Cleans the inside of the dishwasher, removing limescale and grease build-up.

Recommended use  
Run at least once every two months with a descaler or a cleaning product designed for dishwashers. Run without any load.

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