How to disassemble and assemble the detergent drawer (FL) (3)

Last updated 28/02/2021 20:00

All the work to be performed inside the appliance requires specific skills and knowledge and may only be carried out by qualified and authorised Service Engineers 

This platform is not fitted with an ON/OFF switch. 

Before you access internal components, take the plug out of the socket to disconnect the power supply. 

Some of the components in the mechanical part could cause injuries, so wear suitable protection and proceed with caution. 

Always empty the appliance of all the water before laying it on its side. 

If the appliance has to be placed on its side for maintenance or another reason, lie it on its left side, to avoid the risk of any residual water falling onto the main circuit board. 

Never place the appliance on its right side (electronic control system side): some of the water in the detergent dispenser could leak onto the electrical/electronic components and cause these to burn

How to disassemble and assemble the detergent drawer

1. Pull out the detergent drawer until it stops.

2. Press the lever down to remove the drawer.

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(below photos are illustrative only, they may differ from your washing machine model)

3. Place the drawer upside down.

4. To remove the drawer from the handle, place a flathead screwdriver in the area where the clamp is located.

5. Gently press the clamp with a screwdriver  1  and push it  2  so that you can pull the door handle out. Be careful not to break the clamp.