How to reset WiFi network settings on my AEG dryer

Last updated 25/03/2024 09:51


  • How to reset WiFi network settings on my AEG dryer?

Applies to

  • AEG tumble dryers with WiFi connection


Depending on the model of the dryer, follow the steps below

8000 series tumble dryer

1. In the programme list screen, tap on the shortcut  to enter the setting menu.

2. Tap on the WiFi bar, and a new menu is shown.

3. Tap on Reset network

9000 series tumble dryer

Control Panel No.1

1. Press and hold the Time Drying and Refresh buttons for at least 10 seconds simultaneously until the second acoustic signal.

 - - - appears on the display

Control panel No.2

1. To remove the wireless credentials, touch and hold down the Remote Start button for around 10 seconds until you hear 2 'beeps' sound. The symbol: - - -  appears on the display

Further information can be found in the user manual.

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