How to sanitise my dryer?

Last updated 14/05/2020 12:00


  • How to sanitise my dryer?
  • What solutions to use to sanitise my dryer?
  • Household appliances sanitisation

Applies to

  • dryers
  • other household appliances


  • Wipe the external surface of your appliance with SOFT SINGLE-USE towels soaked with an ethanol solution (70%) a couple of times. Avoid Chlorine-based disinfectants. Use only in well-ventilated environments
  • As an alternative to single-use towels: use 2 different soft towels and wash them afterwards in the washing machine with detergent at cotton cycle 90°C.
  • How effectiveness this treatment will be does depend on the build-up of organic matter. If the surface is dirty the suggestion is to clean the surface using a detergent. Model variations will differ so we recommend looking in your user manual before choosing your disinfectant 

Note: We test our aesthetic components for alcohol and scratch resistance, but please DO NOT leave alcohol on the surface for a long time. We also DO NOT recommend cleaning with hard/abrasive sponges, cloths or detergents

Note: We DO NOT recommend attempting to sanitise the interior of your appliance, in particular with alcohol-based detergents as they are flammable. This is particularly important within a closed compartment such as a washing machine or dryer drum

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