Iron Aid tumble dryer does not dry well

Last updated 17/03/2020 13:27

If the Iron Aid tumble dryer does not dry well, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

Laundry is always creased:

80% of the creases will be removed. A few creases will always remain.

  • Make sure to put correct volume of laundry (max. 5 shirts) and to choose appropriate settings.
  • Remove the clothes from the tumble dryer as soon as it is finished. Hang them all up on hangers and pull them back into shape.

Check if the appliance works:

  • Fill the steam tank up to maximum level.
  • Putt in one dry, thin cotton shirt and select Update cycle (5 positions to the right of the Off position).
  • Listen to find out whether the drum rotating sounds are audible (if possible, put a clothes-peg in the machine).
  • After the cycle the laundry should be slightly damp and with less creases.
  • Check whether the steam water level in the tank has dropped.

Damp clothes:

It is normal with Iron Aid for the clothes to be slightly damp after a steam cycle.

  • Hang the clothes up for 10 minutes on a hanger and they will dry with almost any creases.

Set dryness measurement:

  • Press "Sensitive" and "Start" at the same time and hold the buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Press "Start" until C0  and the horizontal line appears at the bottom on the display.
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