Tumble dryer Poor drying results

Last updated 25/01/2022 12:22


  • My dryer is not drying properly
  • Poor drying results

Applies to

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser Dryer
  • Heat pump Dryer


Drying performance can be impacted in many ways, please see some hints and tips on how to achieve the best performance from your Tumble Dryer and some potential reasons why your drying results may not be as expected.   

One important thing to note, please avoid opening the Tumble Dryer door during the cycle, this can add as much as 20 minutes to the drying cycle and can impact drying results.

1. Choose the correct drying programme.

Make sure that the respective type of washing and the care symbols in the label of the laundry comply with the drying program. 

You will find help in the program overview in the user manual.

2. For programmes that are humidity-controlled, such as "Cotton Cupboard Dry", select a higher level of dryness, such as Extra Dry.

Tumble dryer programmes are essentially either time-controlled or humidity-controlled. check user manual 

 3. If the load consists of different thicknesses of fabric or different types of fabric, sort the laundry by thickness and fabric type and dry separately.
Depending on the model, some devices also offer special programs, such as "MIX XL", "JEANS" or "Bed Linen", which are suitable for different types of fabric or laundry of different thicknesses.

4. Set the remaining moisture level option to the highest drying level if your dryer is equipped with it.

5. Clean all filters and the condenser (if accessible) regularly and carefully as described in the user manual.
  • If the filters, condenser and/or heat exchanger are dirty, it may be the reason why the machine is not heating up.
  • See the user manual for information on how to clean and maintain your appliance. Download user manual.
  • The filters may appear clean but still be blocked.
  • You can check the filters by holding them up against the light or under a tap and seeing whether the water can flow through them.
  • If no water passes through the filters, clean them and check them again.
  • If water will still not pass through the filters, replace them.
  • Filters and accessories are available via the Webshop

Clean the door filter using the following steps

Clean the condenser unit using the following steps

Where the Condensing Unit is not removable, a vacuum cleaner can be used to clear any fluff from the unit as shown below.

6. Do not exceed the maximum load size.

Note: The indication of loading quantity in the manual always refers to the weight of the dry laundry. A general rule of thumb is that 1kg is equal to around 1 outfit. Top, tee-shirt and trousers. 

7. Ensure a room temperature is higher than +5°C and lower than +35°C. 

The optimal room temperature to achieve the best drying results is between 19°-24°C.

9. For Heat Pump Technology see video below

If the above steps don't resolve the issue then a service visit by one of our approved service providers is recommended.  

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