What to consider when buying a new dryer filter?

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  • What to consider when buying a new filter for my dryer?
  • Are the dryer filters universal?
  • Do the filters fit every dryer?
  • Do dryer filters differ from one another?

Applies to

Heat pump dryers – valid only to the tumble dryers listed below 

please download the file

PNC list dryers.pdf


1. Always refer to the PNC (Product Number Code) of your appliance while buying a new filter. 

2. How to check if the filter I bought is an original one?

To do so, you need to open the filter you purchased and see if on its plastic elements there are traceability markings. 

On the original filter, you should see AT LEAST one of the 3 following markings:

Tool number: Tool NR “X” or “blank”


Component code: XXXXXXXXX


The fluff filter manufacturer: EMIX

If your filter is lacking ALL those markings (is blank), this means the filter is not an original AEG / Electrolux filter. 

Please note that purchasing a non-branded filter may have an impact on the drying efficiency and the drying cycle duration depending on the features of the filter in question.

See the example of pictures helping to identify an original AEG / Electrolux filter:

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