How to descale steam station

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  • How to descale steam station?

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  • Steam stations


1. Position the appliance so that the boiler safety cap is uppermost.

2. Remove the rubber cover and unscrew the boiler safety cap using the flat key enclosed in the bottom.

3. Turn the appliance upside-down over a sink and completely empty the boiler.

4. Mix a descaler agent and water at the specified ratio, and prepare at least 300ml descaler mixture. 

Use recommended ratio for the mixture, if there is much scaling, properly increase the proportion of descaler.

5. Fill the mixture into the boiler and tighten the boiler safety cap.

6. Soak for one to two hours under room temperature (increase the soaking time if necessary; max 8 hours).

7. Pour out the mixture. 

8. Fill the boiler with clean water, then pour it out. 

Repeat this step several times until the scales are removed and there is no longer a descaler smell.

9. Place back one measuring cup of clean water in the boiler before reassembling.

Once cleaning is done, do not keep the boiler completely empty but leave some water still there (before closing it again).

Note: We recommend using the descaler ECF5 available on our Webshop. The descaler bottle contains 4 uses (4 x 125ml) to be mixed with 375ml water at each use. We recommend cleaning the boiler every 2 months.

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