Washer dryer displays clean filter indicator

Last updated 24/11/2020 07:57


  • Washer dryer displays clean filter indicator 
  • Clean filter indicator flashes after the cycle

Applies to

  • Heat pump washer-dryer


  • At the end of each drying cycle in the display, the indicator  is on to advise to clean the primary air filter (see pictures from 1 to 5). The acoustic signal operates.
  • Occasionally the indicator may flash to remind you that both air filters should be cleaned: the primary air filter and the secondary air filter (for the secondary filter, see pictures from 6 to 8). The acoustic signal operates.



  • To have best drying performances clean the air filters regularly with warm water and afterwards dry them with a towel.
  • Clogged air filter increases the drying time and energy consumption!
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