At what temperature does the washing machine's steam program work?

Last updated 17/05/2024 12:24


  • What temperature does the ProSteam washing machine steam program reach?
  • What kind of laundry can the steam program be used for?
  • Can I wash steam-sensitive clothes?

Applies to

  • Front-loading washing machines with ProSteam technology


The temperature of the steam during the steam wash programme is controlled so as not to exceed 40°C. This moderate temperature ensures the effective removal of creases and odours from garments, minimising the risk of damaging fabrics.

The steam program is suitable for washing cotton, delicates, synthetics, wool, and cashmere items.

The program can be used for dry, washed, or worn items. The program reduces creases and odours and loosens the fibres.

Do not use the steam program on the following items of clothing:

  • Items not intended for tumble drying
  • Items marked "Dry clean only"

Further tips and information can be found in the user manual.

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