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Last updated 20/03/2020 07:58


  • How to download, install and use connected appliances applications?

Applies to:

  • Appliances with connectivity feature


1. The application does not download, install correctly or does not start.

For iOS:

  • The application is only compatible with iOS version 10 or above, and Android operating system: version 7.0 or above  To determine your operating system version, follow these instructions:
  • Possible cause: iOS incompatibility.
  • Tap Settings, then General, then About.


  • “Version” refers to your iOS version. If it is lower than 10.0, updating the os may solve the problem. To do this, follow these instructions:
  • Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Settings > General > Software Update.


  • Tap Download and Install. 
  • If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update, tap Continue or Cancel. Later, iOS will reinstall apps that it removed.
  • To update now, tap Install.
  • Or you can tap Later and choose Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, just plug your iOS device into power before you go to sleep. 
  • Your device will update automatically overnight.
  • If asked, enter your passcode. If you don't know your passcode, please refer to iOS support here.

For Android:

  • Tap Menu, then Settings, then About Phone.


  • Once you have reached the About Phone page you will be greeted with several menu items including model number, Android version, mod version, and build of your phone. 
  • Alternatively, simply follow this link.


  • If the Android version is not at least 7.0, an update may resolve your problem.
  • To perform an Android update, please follow these instructions:
  • Make sure the device is connected to either your Wi-Fi network or a mobile data network.
  • On the “About Phone” screen, select “System Updates” or equivalent.
  • Wait for the download and installation to complete, then restart the device. 

2. A message signalling network mismatch appears on the screen. The application will not start.

  • You might be using more than one Wi-Fi networks.
  • Make sure that only one network is running at a time.
  • Restart the application and proceed to connect the appliance to the chosen network. 

3. The application cannot connect to the appliance.

The appliance might not be equipped with the connectivity system. Only selected appliances that support the connectivity system are compatible with the application. If that is not the case with your appliance, you might have Wi-Fi network connectivity issues OR the appliance might not be registered.

4. I cannot register the appliance. 

Your Wi-Fi network connection might be unencrypted OR the encryption itself might be outdated. An updated and encrypted network connection is a pre-requisite to be able to run the application.

To check if your Wi-Fi network connection is updated and encrypted, perform the following instructions:

  • Find your Wi-Fi connection in the list of available networks on a mobile device of your choice.
  • If you see a padlock icon next to the name of your Wi-Fi network, it means you are using some form of encryption. If not, proceed to the next step.
  • Check your Wi-Fi network configuration settings for the type of encryption being used. 1c. Choose WPA2, if available, and proceed to step 3. If WPA2 is not available, go to the next step.
  • Check if your router supports WPA2 as a form of encryption. If it does, proceed to the next step. If it does not, you might have to upgrade your router. 
  • Go to network configuration settings to set up a Wi-Fi network name and a password.
  • You might have to reboot your router to complete the process. 
  • Select the new Wi-Fi network connection on each device and enter the password. 

5. What configuration has to be set on the router software?

Required router settings are as follows:

  • Frequency 2.412 – 2.472 GHz for European market
  • Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2x2 radio streams
  • Max power < 20 dBm

6. The Wi-Fi network connection in the appliance is unstable/the application keeps disconnecting.

  • Possible cause: Too many wireless clients AND/OR physical obstacles.
  • You might need to reduce the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network AND/OR optimize the position of the router.
  • Make sure that the router is located in a central spot, relatively close to all the connected appliances. If there are metal objects in the immediate vicinity of the router, try to remove them so that they do not block its signal.

7. How do I check if my app is up-to date? How to download the current app version?

Some problems with application may be solved by downloading the latest version. To check whether your device is running the latest version of 'My AEG', follow these steps:

  • For IOS users: 
  • Go to the Apple App Store and tap Updates. You will see a list of apps that have updates available.
  • If you see 'My AEG' in that list, tap the update button on the right.  
  • For Android users:
  • Go to the Google Play Store and tap the three dots top right corner. 
  • Select My Apps from the drop-down menu. 
  • If 'My AEG' is listed under the Updates section, tap it and update.

8. Can I see on the app if the appliance is in use?

Yes, the Appliances tab lists all the appliances whether connected or not, and you can see whether any of your connected appliances is on.


9. Can I see on the app if the appliance is connected to my wifi router?

Yes. Go to ‘manage appliances’, select the appliance, and you will be taken to the following screen:


The wifi network the appliance is connected to is visible on the left, under “Appliance WiFi”. For non wifi-capable appliances, this page will still display all the technical information, manuals, and guides.

10. How can I start/stop my appliance?

Tapping the appliance button on the home screen will take you to the programme screen, where you can set the programme, and turn the appliance on or off. Washing machine example below.


11. Error messages codes.

  • EAA: This is a data error caused by serialization failure. An engineer will be able to resolve this issue.
  • EAB/EAH: UI communication issue, this is caused by defective wiring and may be resolved by replacing the faulty wires. Book an engineer and indicate the necessary replacement part.
  • EAC: This is an electronic board defect, and may be resolved by adjusting or replacing the board. Book an engineer and indicate the necessary replacement part.
  • EAD: This is caused by electronic boards being exchanged between appliances. An engineer will be able to resolve this issue.

12. How do I download a new app version?

  • Go to the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) on your smart device.
  • Enter "My AEG" / “My Electrolux” in the search box.
  • Download and install the App on your smart device.

13. The touchscreen is unresponsive. 

The screen needs to be replaced by an authorized engineer. Book a visit by a service technician at your earliest convenience, and indicate the necessary replacement part.

14. Onboarding is not possible to complete, and user configuration gives a “no user connected” error.

This is caused by a weak Wi-Fi signal and may be resolved by moving your Wi-Fi router closer to the appliance.

15. Application continuously requests a maintenance cycle to run.

Running a normal cycle at 90° should resolve this issue.

16. The appliance is already onboarded, but the Wi-Fi password has changed, and the appliance does not connect to the network.

Reset the appliance’s Wi-Fi settings and run onboarding again.

17. The appliance has previously been connected to a Wi-Fi network and does not engage with a subsequent Wi-Fi connection.

Reset the appliance’s Wi-Fi settings and run onboarding again.

18. Onboarding is successful for the appliance but fails on the mobile app.

Retrying the onboarding process may resolve this issue. 

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