How to set up AutoDose in the AEG washing machine? (super compact detergent) (video)

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  • How to set up AutoDose washing machine (super compact detergent)

Applies to:

  • washing machines with Autodose feature


1. When the activated tank reaches a low level of detergent, the related indicator blinks slowly and continuously on the display.

Note: If the tanks are filled before the appliance is powered on for the first time, the AutoDose indicator will not blink.

Note: Do not refill the AutoDose tanks unless appliances indicate that one or both tanks are empty.

2. Open the detergent dispenser and lift up the AutoDose cover lid

3. Gently pour only liquid detergent into the AutoDose detergent tank. Fill up to the maximum indicated level MAX

4. Check the concentration on the back of the detergent

If your detergent has a similar concentration level, the machine needs manual adjustments

5. Adjust the settings of the machine to match the detergent concentration

  • To enter configuration mode, hold and press the Temp. and the Spin buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the display shows the SET on the left in the display and blinking detergent tank and softener tank indicators on the right in the display.

  • To set basic dosage touch related tank buttons until the default dosage laundry product and two arrows on the bottom of the display appear. Touch the Temp. button repeatedly to adjust the dosage upwards and the Spin button to adjust it downwards. The minimum step is 1 ml.

  • After about 10 seconds the display returns to the programme information screen or hold pressed the Temp. and the Spin buttons again to exit immediately.

6. Gently pour only liquid softener in the AutoDose fabric softener tank . Fill up to the maximum indicated level MAX

  • no need to check concentration for softener

7. Lift down the AutoDose cover lid and gently close the detergent dispenser, till click engagement.

8. AutoDose can be deactivated the following way:

Once entered the AutoDose configuration mode by pressing Temp. and the Spin buttons:

  • Tap on the button or button until the display shows OFF: the AutoDose is excluded completely for related tank or both.
  • After about 10 seconds the display returns to the programme information screen.

Instructional video

Refer to the full description in the user manual supplied with your appliance 

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