Opening washing machine's door at the beginning of wash cycle

Last updated 19/11/2021 10:22

Applies to

  • Washing machine (integrated and freestanding)
  • Washer dryers


Please note: If your machine is quite far into a cycle, you will need to cancel the cycle and drain the machine as will not unlock while it is hot and full of water or if the drum still rotates. To cancel a cycle, press the on/off button and turn the dial to rinse/spin and begin this cycle to drain your machine. This can also be done via the app if you have a connected appliance.

If you have forgotten garments that need to be added to the wash, the cycle can be paused, and the door can be opened in the first 20 minutes on a full cycle. This window of time will decrease based on the cycle you are using. You can open the door anytime during the delayed start.

- Press the Start/Pause button

- Wait until the lock icon on your display switches off/you hear the door unlock. If this does not happen within 1 minute, you are too far into the cycle to open the door.

- You may open the door and add or remove your garments

-Close the door and press the Start/Pause button again to resume the cycle.

-The cycle or delayed start will continue

Warning: If the door can be opened during a wash or spin cycle, when the washing machine is filled up with water, switch off the power supply to the appliance immediately. Do not use the washing machine until the problem is solved. Contact an Authorised Service Center using the link on the right side of this page

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