The door of the washing machine cannot be opened

Last updated 25/10/2021 08:06


  • The door of the washing machine cannot be opened

Applies to

  • Front-loaded washing machines
  • Washer dryers


1. Too short a time since the end of the program.

The door can be opened about 5 minutes after the end of the washing cycle (after the bi-metal in the door lock has cooled down). This is normal.

2. Make sure the door lock icon is not active.

On some models, if there is a problem with opening the door and the display is off, turn on the washing machine and make sure the door lock icon is not active.

3. Check if there is water in the machine.

If there is water in the machine, the door cannot be opened. If you want to open the door, you can do it after the water has been pumped out or, if necessary, by performing an emergency drain operation on the machine. Follow the instructions below:

  • open the fluff filter and let the water drain out from the front into a tray or down a floor drain (on some machines you do this by opening a spout on the fluff filter and loosening the filter carefully or, on machines without a fluff filter, you loosen the drainage hose at the back of the machine and then lay it along the floor so that the water can be channelled off via the drainage hose)
  • check if the drains are fine
  • clean the fluff filter
  • run a wash again to see whether this has resolved the problem.

For more information refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance. 

4. Perform emergency door opening.

On some machines, the door can be opened in an emergency by pulling down on a bar using a screwdriver or similar object, for example. If the machine has an emergency release, it is located next to the fluff filter. See the full description in the user manual.

Note: Make sure that the water level inside the drum is not too high. If necessary, proceed with an emergency drain.
Warning: Risk of burns! Make sure that the water temperature is not too high and the laundry is not hot. If necessary, wait until they cool down.

Warning: Risk of injury! Make sure that the drum is not rotating. If necessary, wait until the drum stops rotating.

5. Reset the machine.

Switch off the mains plug socket and then switch it on again after about 20-30 seconds. Then test whether the machine is working normally.

6. Contact us to arrange a repair.

If the door cannot be opened without water in the machine and the above advice does not resolve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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